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Accessing, Browsing or otherwise using the site indicates your agreement to all the terms and conditions in this agreement, so please read this agreement carefully before proceeding.

In this document rules governing various rights, liabilities, and duties are mentioned. We/US/Our/ Company is used for Rudraa Pulse and the term user is used for visitors, buyers, and users of Rudraa Pulse services. It is highly advisable to visit this section of our website before doing any transaction or accessing the websites. Agreeing with the terms and conditions are mandatory for the user and in the case of none agreeing, it is not desirable to access the website Rudraa Pulse.

On a regular basis, this page gets updated so it is your duty to visit this section and make yourself aware of any changes or modifications occurring in the terms and conditions sections of the Rudraa Pulse website. Terms and conditions mentioned here are not an advisory but it is binding for the user and users must accept these terms and conditions before any transaction with Rudraa Pulse.


Any items displayed on the website of Rudraa Pulse are the property of this company or being used under license by this company. Nobody can use those items without the consent of Rudraa Pulse. Items like Brands Name, heading, labels, Names, Numerals, written content, and various shaves and logos are the property of Rudraa Pulse. It is displayed publicly only for viewing and helping in transacting with us. Copying, Downloading, sharing for any other purposes rather than mentioned exceptionally is strictly prohibited. In case you need to reproduce, display, or distribute any of the contents and items from this website Rudraa Pulse, you must get written permission from us.


All items displayed here on the Rudraa Pulse website have a purpose and the user must not use or misuse the displayed product for other purposes. We do not allow any type of misusing of our products and contents and a user should always abide by this rule.

Users should not commit any act which is an infringement of anyone’s privacy, can be touted as a criminal offense on Rudraa Pulse Website. No foul language, derogatory remarks, pornographic content, obscene words, hateful and threatening statements should be posted, shared, written, and spoken on the platform of Rudraa Pulse.

Users should not adopt any fraudulent ways in order to access or transact with Rudraa Pulse. A user should not adopt any ways to hamper the working of this company Rudraa Pulse by adopting wrong and fraudulent means like hacking, virus attack, and server access without authorization.

A user is totally barred from misusing the weakness of any parts of this company Rudraa Pulse. In case you have any solid information about some system weakness, you can contact us with proper details. You will be rewarded by us but harnessing that weakness will tantamount to corporal punishment.


We at Rudraa Pulse are not responsible for any type of losses or liabilities you the user occurred due to the nonworking or failure of any system components. No office staff including directors, agents, and employees can be held responsible for any losses whatsoever the reason is.


We are having no liability of any sort in case you are unable to do any of the transactions or unable to access the products and display on Rudraa Pulse. We are not liable for any interruption, suspension, or termination of any services or products whether it is done advertently or inadvertently. We are a third-party service provider that works on enabling a good working atmosphere between you, the buyer, and the seller. However, in the case of any third party conduct, we are not responsible. And we cannot be held liable for any third part act too.

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